Investor Relations


On February 22, 2017, the Company announced by means of a Material Fact the following financial projections for fiscal year 2017:

  • Net Revenue from Software Subscription equal to or greater than R$298.0 million, that is, a growth of 30% or more over the net revenues from software subscription for the fiscal year of 2016.

The projection of net revenues from software subscription was based on sales growth of: (i) TOTVS Intera, the subscription model launched by the Company in June 2015; (ii) Fly01 solutions for microenterprises; and (iii) Bemacash, solution that combines Fly01 management software and the automation and tax hardware solutions from Bematech.

Information regarding business outlook, projections and financial targets are mere forecasts, based on management's current expectations regarding the Company's future. These expectations depend on the technology market conditions and the Brazilian economic scenario. Any change in the perception or factors described above can lead to results that differ from the projections presented. In case of a relevant change in these factors, the projections may be revised.

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