Investor Relations


The Company has adopted the "Code of Best Corporate Governance Practices" developed by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance - IBGC, to affirm the good governance practices, marketing, professional ethics and business.
Some practices adopted by the Company based in IBGC Code are: 

  • Creation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct with adhesion of 100% of employees;
  • Adoption of specific policies of Disclosure of Relevant Information and Trading Securities;
  • Adoption of Specific policies for Internal Controls, Risks and Compliance;
  • Adoption of specific Policy on Related Parties Transactions and of Preparation and Publication of Standards;
  • The Company has a Board of Directors (with approximately 88% of independent members), Audit Committee, Personnel and Compensation Committee, Strategy and Technology Committee and Governance and Designation Committee;
  • The Company has an Internal Control, Risks and Compliance Office;
  • The Company has an Internal Audit, with report to the Audit Committee;
  • The Company is listed in the "Novo Mercado", the highest level of corporate governance for companies listed on Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão - B3, and adopts practices that exceed requirements of legislation with respect to corporate governance and the rights of shareholders, according to the “Novo Mercado Listing Rules”.
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